Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nicki Minaj

Nowadays...Everyone is trying to do the Lady Gaga/futuristic/drag queen styled outfits and looks...mainly for attention.

But it's easy to pick out the copy cats who can't do it right, the hot messes, utterly clueless and then of course - those who put their spin on it and nail it!

My new muse - Nicki Minaj

I first heard of her back on "Lollipop Luxury" for Jeffree Star's current release. Looked her up and was like - huh?

But she, like the Drake (Jimmy from Degrassi) kid, I gather she hit heavy on the mix tape circut and then did Young Money and other cameos and her solo album is getting ready to hit stores, with the first single and video, "Massive Attack," being my favorite of the moment.

I am also stoked on the "My Chick Bad" song she is on, by Ludacris, b/c Eve is on a remix of it - LOVE

So my case in point - I'm excited b/c it feels there hasn't been a new female rapper in A LONG WHILE. There are times were her lyrics are silly, but oh wells, I think that's part of her charm.

I read a quote that she likes to be quirky so not to be labeled solely a sex symbol - hard not to do, look at her curves! But earlier images makes her out to be another Lil' Kim (remember when she started out?) and now her new video, well...you're not trying enough not to be a sex symbol. Haha, no hate though.

Back to her look...She embraces the "Barbie" thing and has rocked the pink in her hair. Then blonde wigs, a pink one in the Luda video and now green tresses in the "Massive Attack" video - that hair style looks really nice on her.

I liked how on MTV.com or wherever they were quick to say she was trying to be like Lady Gaga, after performing with Luda at Spring Break for "My Chick Bad." There is a line in the song 'body looking like milk' so I'm thinking more her outfit was inspired by that, not Gaga.

Then for the video of this song...PINK HAIR!

My favorite is for the "Lil Freak" video she cameos on with Usher, she has Cruella Deville hair and that's what I'm rocking now.

It's like Jeffree Star rubbed off on her a bit. Plus, Raquel Reed was commenting on how she also rocks Tom Tom corsets - a brand Raquel has modeled and worn before.

Massive Attack video - love!

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