Friday, April 23, 2010

Jared Leto and Big White Balls

Oh you'll see...

I was stoked to interview His Holy Leto-ness (, which was an awkward phone thing, but I was even more stoked on a photo pass at the Roseland Ballroom...

Seemed His Leto-ness or whoever, took away the photo pit for more 'fan together time' or whatever and I got yelled at by security (well sorta, not really, ok, i'm exaggerating). So I got stuck taking photos upstairs with my base model camera - oh wells.

But the show was AWESOME!
Street Drum Corps - Neon Trees - Mutemath - 30STM

I like Street Drums Corps. At the end, they were sawing at the metal barrels and the singer came out in leggings and a military helmet - I want to make him leggings next time.

Neon Trees were meh. I can see where people do like them, but besides the singer wearing an epic red jacket in the beginning and their drummer is a girl, who also was hanging out downstairs chatting with everyone after the set, I'm not too impressed.

Mutemath was AMAZING and their drummer comes out, hangs up his hat and duct-tapes (velcro?) his headphones to his head. Then it was just one big explosion of music, completely grabbed you and then that faint hint of a Southern accent of the singer (they're from New Orleans) came out and had me hooked.

So, I was stupid and went to the basement bathroom DURING the set, fearing the line between Mutemath and 30STM. I was a fool and thus was left only seeing 4 songs by Mutemath - they ended by flipping over the keyboards, taking apart their equipment and still playing it and making music.

On to 30STM...

The floor was rediculous the whole night, so thank God I was upstairs. Stupid Leto though at one point, told everyone from the back to take 3 HUGE steps forward. They did. Poor people in the front...

For the show...It felt at times that they played each song as if it were the last of the evening. Over dramatic and long pauses, as if to hear the screaming of fans.

They played one (or maybe two, I'm not familiar with the first album) old song and then an equal mix of their current and previous release.

At one point, I saw cameras facing my direction, which was away from the stage, and was like - Look! Leto's beneath us at the sound board!

So yay, he sang "The Kill" right there and then once over...the security guards started like moshing and pushing the crowd apart for Jared to make his way back to the stage and we were left thinking - how did he get to the sound board in the first place?

But yea, great show and for the finale, they brought fans up on stage - most were those that purchased the 'VIP Package' and then they pulled maybe ten people from the crowd. Cool. Then BIG GIANT white balloons were thrown into the crowd as the band finished up "Kings and Queens."

Jared liked to talk and make jokes that I read he did in other show reviews. So...I was just wishing i had the extra funds to see them the next day over in Montclair at Wellmont. Oh wells - it'll just be sweeter the next time they come to town.

He made a lot of funny faces...

Oh and he lost his shirt at the end. Seriously, the girls in the crowd ripped it to shreds as he ran back to the stage.

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