Monday, May 3, 2010

Bamboozle, you suck.

My sister and I have attended the Bamboozle for the past five years now. Obviously under this name it only lasted one year down in Asbury Park and once transferred to Giants' Stadium's parking lot, went downhill.

It wasn't so bad in retrospect last year. Actually, the line up was really good, though the festival still wasn't the most enjoyable.

This year, honestly, if the tickets weren't free, I wasn't going near it.

Parking was $25 per car (unless you got there after 5pm), water was $4.50 and beer (which I don't drink in the sun) was $9.25. Nevermind the ticket prices.

Plus the line-up for the East Coast wasn't stellar - screw you Bamboozle Left and Chicago, you guys got the good bands. And...the Roadshow sounds way better than both days combined.

Ok, enough complaining. Let's talk about the good parts!


First time seeing them and not the last. They are super heroes and have matching uniforms - thank you!

They played awesome punk rock mixed with ska and kickass-ness.

Then they sung about taco Tuesday

Fought evil crab people

Made fun of security

Then had a pool party! Inflatable whales and beach balls included

Almost kicked some girl's ass b/c she a dumb bitch with a pussy-ass boyfriend. People have NO manners at shit like this.


Ok, there was also Minus the Bear, Dear Hunter and Wale who were bright moments of the day and played incredible music and really connected with the audience.

Minus the Bear and Dear Hunter are typical progressive, involved rock that is so pleasant to listen to. More kids should have been at their set than at like Kesha.

Wale and the 'hip hop' stage plus b-boy arena was mad chill and awesome. The crowd was smoking and drinking most of the time, so people weren't annoying and rude and then when no one was performing...break dancing! Those guys were really something from what I saw, especially in the heat.

FOXY SHAZAM is sick and amazing and TRUE performers who get it. They make great music and know how to put on a stage show. So fuck y'all if you wasted your time with Say Anything.

Between their singer's funny commentary and then his eating of 6 or 8 or 4 lit cigarettes and then offering $20 for anyone to kill him (he insulted the white people of the crowd, haha) had their singer/brass musician dancing sexily around, their keyboardist smiling, then serious, then jumping on his keyboards and a crowd that cheered and danced along.

Then. The singer towards the end, climbed the side support of the stage, going up to the beam above, swinging like on monkey bars before turning upside down, ripping off his shirt and then landing on his feet on the stage like a cat.

Yea, next thing they were off the stage b/c security got PISSED. There was five minutes left that they could have played, but maybe it really was the end - who knows.

Bamboozle this year SUCKED. But it had it's highlights. Whatever

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