Friday, April 16, 2010

I Had To...

So, I'll admit it - I would LOVE to get a bit of liposuction done OR implants to be more proportionate and just fuller. Basically my body is out of whack and I want to be proportionate - I mean hell, I'm reminded when I'm fitting spandex outfits on myself.

But I wouldn't have both - well maybe only b/c I don't have the money.

But you know who does have the money...Tweedle Dum aka Heidi Montage

We were talking in work and I was like - those new photos, her boobs are now really THAT big?

My suspicions were right. Holy shit girl! You're boobs are as big as your head. People say plastic surgery addiction and I'll also add trying to follow Playboy idiots and Pam Anderson b/c without reality TV, you realize you're nothing.

Whatever. I started looking at photos, before and after, and want to throw in my two cents.

You know, she was cute and she always had the cute little body I would die for right now. She then gained fame and was always wearing high-end clothing and yea, what would you want to change?

Ok, well maybe if I had the money I could always find things to change too. Here's a photo from the 'between' time. Yea, she's prettier, BUT what it is more so - If you just did way lighter hair, bleach the eyebrows and a really good make up job, you wouldn't have needed surgery. I agree with the nose job and you want to know something, if she really was an A cup before...they why not get an implant to have more womanly curves. BUT! She went retarded and not like to a full B cup, which is what she should have.

Dude, seriously, your boobs are larger than Spencer's head. This is just horrific and did she get more work done to her face? I think so and that's a shame, she was way prettier before. Those implants looks like they hurt. ouch!

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Strolling Along said...

I totally agree i dont really like reality tv but this blew me away its sad how those ppl lose themselves and have to turn into rubber to feel better but thena arnt who they should be. But i agree ive always wanted lipo on my legs and boobs but now i just would want little lipo. No face stuff that just is wrong i think besides ppl that need nose jobs.