Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yup, I'm Tiger Woods, I'm Tiger Woods

Do you remember the "More Money, More Problems" music video?

P. Diddy pretended to be a 'Tiger Woods' in the beginning skit - I think he was Diddy Woods. Whatever.

So at the height of the whole Tiger Woods scandal - which I don't even consider a scandal. If We had to go through that kind of crap every time some other athlete cheated on his wife throughout their marriage...Um, it would be like 24 hour coverage.

And are you surprised? It's like on the South Park episode - he just got caught, that's all. I can't put any man above being tempted by women b/c whores will grab onto anything with money and a link to that 15mins of fame they can never acquire without causing drama.

I just feel bad for his children - when they're old think this won't make his Wikipedia?

I think it's hysterical that finally we hear a wife took action and with a golf club of all things! The irony!

But what I heard on the radio back when it first got rolling, was a little more upsetting than the whole thing. A rap song, which such a catchy beat, talking about:

"I got women in the 'burbs
Women in the hood
Yeah my wifey mad
'cause she knows I'm no good
Man I'm just a dog
I'd be faithful if I could
But I'm Tiger Woods
Yeah, I'm Tiger Woods"

Followed by 'Go get 'em Tiger!' over and over and just more silly rap lyrics by Maino.

I couldn't stop singing the damn thing, but I thought - Really? You felt the need to expand on this personal situation, that of which the media should have never got involved in?

It's just like every other celebrity cheating scandal - the public and media FEELS IT'S THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS TOO! Well, it's not.

Now, the big thing is the Nike commercial where it's Tiger, just looking at us, with a voice over of words spoken by his deceased father (where did they get them again?) and it's like Tiger's being reprimanded by his father.

If that was me, I would vomit at that concept being presented to me - this isn't like Natalie Cole and her duet with her dad.

Take a listen and tell me this isn't so wrong, but so damn catchy -

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