Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rock n' Roll Fashion Show

Ok, so about two weeks ago...

I was SO grateful to be asked again by the ladies of Sugar n' Spikes to participate in their second fashion show event. Bands of the night were TSI, Panzie & Hate in the Box (whose lead singer, Rainbow Blight, is the sweetest!).

My collection went first, followed by the debut of Alina Butnaru's intimate apparel awesomeness (have to find her link, b/c she was so cool) and then last was Natasha NYC ( - and dude! If I had known better, I would have been freaking out being in her presence, but of course I'm dumb sometimes)

Ok! So here's some of the choice images - I'm waiting on video

These were taken by Knightmare6 Photography and are my favorites so far -

I'll be adding more to Facebook - so add me there if you haven't already (link to the right)

Forest rocking polka dot leggings, white pvc bustier & tassle shrug with hobo bow gloves. She killed it!

Olivia in pink leopard garter dress (accessories her own) - so cute!

Ilena Nova being Wonder Woman in red metallic bodysuit and polka dot peak-a-boo vest, which you really can't see, but isn't this shot to die for?

Gorgeous Brandy D in leopard leotard and revamped vest

Awesome Sasha being lady-like in a high waisted sparkle skirt and leopard crop top, belt does make it look one piece, but it's not

Tons more images from Tiffany Ann Photography to come, review of another fashion show/concert I attended, magazine mentions and a sorta top secret project I'm apart of.

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