Monday, August 2, 2010

Interpol, I love thee...

Ok, so that photo looks old, but it's the first I grabbed and one of the members, Carlos, has they're still so friggin adorable - please excuse the teeny-bopperness.

Spent the weekend down in Atlantic City. My two friends and I went down to see Interpol and I had a grand idea of staying over to see the band, gamble and drink without having to worry about driving home. Perfect.

Awesome dinner at the fondue place, then it was about a mile walk, through the 'shady' parts of AC, to the House of Blues.

It was such a great, fantastic & splendid show. Really, the music was just SO good live and I knew every times.

For some reason it wasn't packed, so we got real close to the stage and just hipster-danced around with the rest of the crowd. Lead singer, Paul, is really charming though he doesn't say much. And guitarist Daniel is like (and this is the weirdest analogy ever), but like Woody from Toy Story. While playing, he would move about with a hop, skip and jump from one side to the next in this cool, marionette meets rock star vibe.

Funny enough, after the show, my friends and I took a turn at the roulette wheel and the guitarist was down and about - he's a tiny thing - but I was scared to complement him on the show. It's always weird when band members are with friends, family or girlfriends/boyfriends, I feel approaching them is bothersome. Oh wells.

We were hoping the singer would be down, but alas, he was not. Some of the opening bands' members were playing some and one of them played at our table - silly, cute hipsters.

Now to plan my next trip down there...

Back in the swing of making things hardcore. Excited though, a lot of these pieces are killer.

Hair cut & dye job for me on Wednesday - eep!

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