Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thrash and Burn! Or not...

Yay! So my sister and I took the day and attended the Thrash and Burn Tour at The Stone Pony in good ol'Asbury Park.

We were mainly drawn by Greeley Estates and the added bonus of checking out some other interesting bands.


Greeley had RV problems or something, so they weren't there along with I think two other bands - definitely Chelsea Grin wasn't there due to one member having health issues. So bummed.

But even with us getting there like two hours after doors, though mind you it was a long show day to fit all the bands, Motionless in White just started playing, so I was happy. Those boys are styled perfectly and no matter what's up with the lead singer, he's my new darling that I want to steal - kinda like my thing with Davey Havok.

They keep sounding better and better everytime I see them, so rock on.

I didn't really keep track of the bands that played on the outside stage - sorry about that to those bands - but it was like endless screaming, heavy riffs and breakdowns, except for the more 'punk rock' group that went on.

My sister was all about checking out Evergreen Terrace and they really held their own. They've been around for awhile - it's hard to realize that bands that started in like 2000 or a little after are now ten years going.

They put on a good stage show and security really loved their singer Jesus-walking in the crowd.

Impending Doom was 'rawr rawr' vocals, but they were endearing and thanked the crowd at the end very nicely. I didn't want to like them, but I did.

I lost interest in Stick to Your Guns even though they were like one of the biggies on the tour. I took a breather and awaited Kittie.

The ladies of Kittie had a REALLY tough time impressing the crowd. There was a group of die-hard fans up front, but I was pissed off at some of the comments made around me during their set.

Their stage presense wasn't spectacular, but the music was tight, though vocals could have been turned up.

And there you had my day - I left before Asking Alexandria and Born of Osiris. But I'm old and my back hurt and I was starving. Maybe next time.

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