Monday, June 14, 2010

Photos to Come!!!

So...after an extremely tiring and emotional weekend - we shot!

My one photographer, Scott Mack, has a new studio/work space that like has one huge perk - awesome backdrops for shooting.

He was shooting with this brand new model, Leann, who turns out - I went to grammar school with! Small world. Those shots were looking kick ass, moody punk rock.

Me and my other model, Megan, got there at the same time and it was a go. We were looking to do three looks.

The photos, without editing, were looking amazing and I'm stoked on getting these images all set and sent to me to show to the world. It was dramatic, polished and fun!

Here's some sneak peeks.

The make-up table and see the flash spot? The would be me hiding behind the light.

I thought she looked like a super hero.

Our photographer tries new angles

Fixing the lighting or something. Megan's excited to be locked in the elevator wearing an outfit some other girl should have worn for something cool, but we'll keep that secret locked in the elevator

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Cofone said...

yay alison and scott!