Monday, June 28, 2010

Which car? I'm so lost!

Omg, so I had my accident two weeks ago. I'm perfectly fine, but slamming into a guardrail killed my car. Scroll down a bit and see a photo of my poor dead Fred (car).

So, I'm obsessing over what car to buy next. I'm just so lost. I thought I was going to get a Dodge Charger, but then I started reading about it...I need the AWD, which is more than the standard RWD.

But then we look at the gas's not horrible, but maybe I should think about the long term money that could be saved.

So I moved on to the Mazda6. Let's also make mention I test drove the Toyota Camry, but while I was totally comfortable, it was just a nice, safe car and didn't make me want to buy it right there and then.

The Mazda instantly felt simple, fun and great. But I keep going back to the damn Charger!

Then when I recalculated the AWD, b/c RWD scares the life out of me though it shouldn't...I realized that maybe I could look into a Volvo, b/c now the Charger was the same price point as a Volvo.

So we're going to the Volvo dealership Wednesday to test drive and talk, but until I drive it, I'm just debating about the Charger and Mazda.

Ugh. Such a dilemma b/c I'm just afraid I'm going to get the Charger and after two years, I'll be sick of the gas mileage and feel like it was money wasted if I try to turn it in. But I can't get my mind off it.

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