Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost the end...

So, I'm not going to be over dramatic or 'woe is me' or whatever. But I was just in an accident and completely wrecked my car. It's dead. The front is smashed in and there's a huge dent in the side.

I was driving on a major highway, middle lane, clear day, normal amount of traffic, doing 70mph, no loud radio, but heavy thoughts about recent friends were on my mind.


The car on my left was trying to change lanes, I moved over (swerved, whatever you want to say) and lost control. I think the car on the right side of me hit me and that's what sent me spinning.

Bashed into the guard rail and thank God I'm fine. Two huge bruises and though it hurts, doesn't seem my nose is broken.

Scary to think how quickly things could be over.

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