Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fantasy & Vintage

Still without a car, but soon I'll have a new one.

I swear, I sometimes think my life is either really really cool & fun or just really stressful & upsetting.

Part time job land is being shaken up and making me all nervous. It's sad that I can be so scared of loosing a job that's easily replaceable...well, not really b/c no one is hiring. Ugh!


Interview next week, pretty cool. I'm pissy b/c I would JUST DIE to be like a VJ/some type of host on like Fuse. I mean, hell, I'm watching the Warped Wednesday and that Alison chick is interviewing people. She is Fuse's second host named Alison. I do music journalism, my name is Alison, people love me and I'm adorable - someone hook me up!

Anyone else going to Warped Tour out there? My sister and I will be in July - excited!

Here's new photos by Gas Oven -

Check her out and these lovely models -
Kat Kalashnikov
Allison Mindy

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