Sunday, February 17, 2013

Inspirational Update

I'll explain the above image in a minute. So here's a little update in the magical land of Sibyl Vain Clothing and also a little bit about my life too. This will either be boring or random and funny.

Been asked to do a million shoots and one big project. Currently working on a million things that I can't really show online...maybe teaser shots.

Waiting for my laundry to be done right now - it's 11:30pm

There may be a monthly event in March or April that involves different artists and music and I might be showing a few designs at. So rad!

Dying to get back to weekly dinners with my best friend, who has been a slave at work. Yet, my poverty at the moment says I needed a pause to save up to splurge at new restaurants.

When does Spring happen? I want to do outside shoots!

I also do take care of wardrobe on film sets and for theater productions. Was on hand at a short film shoot at Cafe Lalo and it was SO cool! Really trying to get out there and find more gigs.

Looking into selling at two big events this year. Sent in an application and have to wait till March for confirmation. I have high hopes, but last year didn't get accepted, so we'll see. The other I'm just waiting for them to announce when the next event will be this Spring. But of course, me and my sister agreed to do the Spring edition of the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market.

Conflicted in life...right now, debating buying Manson tshirts on eBay. Think I'm going to do it.

Truthfully though, there's something in my life I'm conflicted over and it drives me nuts. I know what I should do, but I know what I want to do and they don't match. If I was a 'normal' person (no seriously, there's something I want to write a book about and have it turn it into a movie because people wouldn't believe me, but I'm not about to reveal it to any non-super close people), I wouldn't be debating this.

But I look at it as: Out of misery, comes great beauty.

While it sucks to be miserable and confused, I'm using it to fuel my designs and most importantly, my drive to work.

I have my next 'collection' concept all planned out, but will keep quiet about it until we're close to shooting things. Below and the image above are some inspiration I've been looking at. I'm going nuts because I have these intense images of how I want the shoot set up and I just want to bring them to life like yesterday.

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