Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tiffany Ann Wonderment

Having been able to work with Tiffany Ann is just tops in my book. I've sent over quite a few things to her and stellar images always emerge.

Just wanted to put together a post from the last batch of images she had sent over to me and's been quite some time, haha. You've probably seen these on Facebook or Tumblr, but here's a few I don't remember posting and that are just too gorgeous.

All photos by Tiffany Ann

model - Jeselyn
Sibyl Vain mesh leotard / high waisted ruffle shorts

model - Dasha
Sibyl Vain gold skirted shorts

model - Leah Rose
Sibyl Vain gold bow bikini top and lace up leggings

model - Nicole Roberts
Sibyl Vain gold jacket and red metallic dress

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