Monday, December 6, 2010

Again Reagan?

I had the pleasure of shooting with photographer Reagan Lam and model Rachel Jean and Glamdoll Make Up Artistry.

Reagan always blows me away and I've only worked with him one other time - he was the first to shoot a guy's outfit I made. Go Reagan!

Rachel Jean I hadn't worked with yet or even talked much with prior to this shoot, so I was flattered she asked me to this shoot.

We started in the ghetto, but then moved location thanks to the sun now setting so friggin' early in the day. But I didn't care - look who was shooting, what could go wrong?


So here's two of my favorite shots and you can view the whole set on Reagan's Flickr Link Here

one-armed ruffled shrug / red sparkle ruffled crop top / velvet & leather tuxedo leggings

Sick slick little black dress

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Anonymous said...

The shrug is very original-nice!