Sunday, December 5, 2010

Senses Fail

BTW - Senses Fail's new album The Fire really has grown on me and no doubt - they're best album musically. Really great, go give it a listen.

Electric Factory
November 27, 2010

OMG! I couldn't go to their show the night before Thanksgiving at Starland, so I figured I would try to get in to the Philly show.

The damn show sold out and I took the chance that my request went through for tickets being I didn't get confirmation (but I was pretty confident it was all good). But we make the trip and firgured if we couldn't get into that show, we would go across town and see Foxxy Shazam!

So it was a win-win situation if you ask me.

But...I walk up, give my ID and low and behold - two tickets are mine!

I made the mistake of not asking for set times, b/c my friend and I got stuck watching ALL the bands on the bill. Late show.

Balance and Composure was good, but I really wish I could have done without Title Fight and then Bayside. I was never into Bayside - even with a Weezer cover, meh.

Senses Fail was amazing. It's been awhile and I was loving all the older songs i.e. those off Let It Enfold You. I haven't listened to that album in forever. And they mainly stuck with older tunes, only a couple off the new album. They did do "Lifeboats" - my favorite.

The music sounded perfect and their singer was insane - drunk? who cares - Stellar performance, running around, doing acrobats and improvising when microphone dropped and seeing if he could sing in a handstand.

Left before the last song - don't know what that was or if there was an encore. But I was happy.

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