Thursday, December 2, 2010

Videos! Oh baby...oh dear...

New project from Craig Owens (ex-chiodos member, cinematic sunrise) with Matt Good (from first to last) and some other people.

It was weird b/c it said you can 'download and uncensored version' and I'm like - huh? Yea, you want to see this dumb broad's boobies, I guess that's what it means. There was no reason for her to be naked. Sorry "model" chick, you got screwed into being a piece of meat.

Anyways! Song sounds like a FFTL wannabe song. Eh. I want to hear more though...


I loves him mucho - this song GROWS ON YOU like whoa. I kept saying that was Lil' Jon, but haha, I forgot about T-Pain.

So I gave you 'blah' and now I give you 'yes!' PS - Kesha's new video for "We R Who We R" is GREAT! The make up and hair is RIDICULOUS and I'm trying to work it in a shoot; HOWEVER, there's advertising that sickens me, so I'm not posting it here. Yep.

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