Friday, January 14, 2011

The Start...

By the end of this month, the website WILL BE done! I had such a great talent create it and I'm in the process of finishing it out. Yay!

So it's also off to work on the current collection. It will be late winter/early spring. I'm hoping to create collections for the season and also between seasons. Yea, I'm so creative, haha.

But I'm also going to create pretties for you to wear that are easier and more comfy to throw on than let's say a spandex bodysuit. So get ready!

To start it off - here's what I'm inspired by. I had been going in one direction, but this one dress snuck into my head and then I had this lightbulb go off in my head.

Here's the ultimate inspiration for what I'm doing now. I could only DREAM about creating something as big, intricate and amazing as Alexander McQueen or John Galliano (for Dior), but I don't have the fund nor the space in my work studio!

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