Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Drama

Drama? With me? Never! I'm talking Jersey Shore - haha!

I'm starting on my Spring Collection. I'm going to be updating here with sneak peeks and a couple thoughts on what's inspiring me. I already have things in mind and planning on something big to show off the new things.

Today I'm meeting up with one of my friends (and model). Yay! I know I had said I wasn't doing any shoots until March, but I make exception for her.

I was supposed to have an interview yesterday, but things got lost in translation, so let's hope it's not difficult to reschedule. I'll be screwed if they give me grief.

Have you seen the video "Beautiful Dangerous" by Slash ft. Fergie? Whoa! I love it because I'm such a stalker sometimes like Fergie is in this and her outfits are crazy friggin' awesome. I wish I had that aesthetic to create pieces like that.

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