Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Return to Summer!

Can you believe these were from the summer?

So, it was this epic shoot with models Chloe Von Creepy & Trailer Darling and hair/make-up by Nicole Gevirtz and of course, clothing by me. I was stoked. Then GWAR's Jizmak Da Gusha and his 'slave' were to join us for some shots.


The clothing I was so stoked on and the girls looked amazing in whatever I threw at them. Then we shot on location at this cool house, which was being all renovated (in a Creepy way).

We first shot outside and then it became madness! We got one look down, then the second, then the guest models landed in on set and maybe they brought the storm...

It was like perfect timing when the storm set in. That day, you saw the clouds rolling in and it was like just as the last photo snapped, the winds kicked in, the apples from the trees were like hurled to the ground and we rushed to get everything inside.

Once inside, we shared amazing food, stories and got two more looks shot.

Great day...just sucks these images didn't surface until now. Oh wells. ENJOY!

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Jimmy John said...

Daaaaamb!!! Thats hhhhhot as hell "cheer's"