Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anti-Flag at Starland Ballroom

Concert look back...

ANTI-FLAG is great live and the kids who came out for their "The Economy Sucks, Let's Party" Tour stop on February 5th at Starland were great too. We know how quick a bad crowd can make a show suck.

Missed CANCER BATS who I saw a couple months ago in Iceland (yea, had to say that) and was bummed. Those guys were live and interesting - harder punk rock.

AIDEN was a weird choice to put on this tour package in my opinion and I feel should not have been the opener right before ANTI-FLAG. But whatever. I didn't know some of the songs and the vocals weren't that friendly on the ears, but it brought me back three years when we saw them frequently on tour.

I joined the photo pit area right as the first song ended and then frontman wiL invited fans to fill up the space between the barrier and stage - where I was. Thanks. haha, so my pictures suck of them.

It wasn't a sold-out show and left a lot of room to move about in the venue, maybe because of the snow we were supposed to get or maybe because the line-up was a tad weak or maybe, it wasn't a great choice to book this venue. Who knows.

I enjoyed ANTI-FLAG's set a lot and my friend liked it, especially when they ended with three Clash covers. They kept playing even as they started taking apart the drum kit, haha.

I hate when Starland isn't relatively full. Not entirely b/c I get silly and start feeling bad for the bands who should be playing to a larger crowd, but just that buzz in the air from a packed house isn't always there.

Well here's my favorite photos I took. Please remember, I'm not a photographer or have like the best camera or photo editing skills, but it's fun to pretend.

Click to view mad crazy big size!

wiL of Aiden
Read the flip side of his guitar...solo project much? Closest I got to him.

Chris #2
This shot is cool to me in the elements in it, but my camera sucks and this was as light as I could get it without loosing a raw, grainy quality.

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag.
The only shot of him that's somewhat decent.

Chris #2 of Anti-Flag
His t-shirt was hole-ly

Zombie of Aiden
Now, this was the theme of the photos I took (my camera is low quality) - RED. Toned it down a bit and I'm so horrible for saying this, but I got this quick flash of those images from Vietnam during the horrors that went on during the war of the way he looks. Yes, I'm completely insane.

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