Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dsquared & Frankie Morello

I love making the things I shirt recons, spandex leggings, leotards or whatever you wish and other just random oddities that you probably can't wear in real life.

Then I come across collections like these - high fashion ready to wear that sprung from rock and roll and punk rock with pieces that are classy and 'normal,' but with details that you might cry - punk! goth! fetish!

So I bring you my findings on my weekly trips to

Dsquared & Frankie Morello!

Dsquared - always loved their designs and it drives me crazy seeing this after I'm working on my next collection, which is also red & black. I just hate seeing things, b/c sometimes I can't get them out of my head and then I feel like I'm copying.

But don't you love the pops of red pvc-like materials? I'm still on the fence as to what are thigh high boots and just thigh-highs. My love is with how they styled outfits that are pretty normal and buisness like with leather and rock n'roll.

Love the shape of the bottom and look at the skirt popping under

This jacket is amazing...PLUS check out the back in the shot after. It's corsetted and tulle/lace/ruffles popping out. Again, the dress is to drool over

Hello RED! Plus the big one-shoulder is what I've been dreaming about. I want this look!

Frankie Morello
I don't know too much behind this label and I'm a bit lazy to look up more info right now, but this collection is so me. (Two Italian designers...been around since 1998) All black, some shades of gray in there and for a moment it's almost like they take the retarded hipster grunge/goth look and polish it to perfection. I love it.

I mean, hello! These pantyhose with the sequins and stuff...I want. Totally will try to make my own and will fail I bet. I want to rock this look

This is what I do, but more grown-up. If this is even a 'grown-up' look.

And their polished, evenings looks are sick - almost McQueen like with the re-assemblage of the suit. How cool!

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