Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

So I felt I needed to take part in the endless tributes/commentaries on the loss of one of the greatest designers we have in the fashion world.

I don't think I need to say much on who he is or the impact that he had on the fashion world during his time here - if you're reading this, you're probably familiar with his legacy.

It just really touches home a little on how his end came to be. I can only imagine what family and friends of his are going through. Thoughts are out to them.

For me, as a designer, it was heartbreaking and I'm still in shock. I've been obsessed for a few years now and with all the recent press he's been getting with Gaga wearing all his's like 'no, he can't be gone! He was just right here.'

Many other designers and models I talk to or have read thier tributes all make mention of the collections that blew me away, but I haven't heard anyone bring up what about him inspires me the most.

Yes, you could say his perfect combination of punk, goth and girly (mind you of the crazy tulleness).

Or maybe it's the way he put on a show...I always think storyline and what kind of theatrics can be pulled off (John Galliano also shares that ability with McQueen).

But it was his menswear and borderline costume/period detailing that he gave to his mens' pieces that blew me away and drove me to attempt dressing men. The cut, fit, shape, pattern, quirky details...MASTERFUL!

There are also feminine qualities that are somewhat hidden in his work and I'm finding designs of Ann Demeulemeester to be doing the same.

I mean, look how EXACT the patterns line up...different views of the garment...the softness and strength.

I could go on forever - I feel I'm writing a research paper.

What could have come is part of the pain that designers who looked up to him are feeling...

(I live on, looking at all the past collections)