Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Thank You to Jeremy Scott

Dear Jeremy Scott,

Your past collections have been full of humor, tackling not only huge trademark imagery, but also God. Sometimes I don't understand you, but when I see the reaction of fans and how you're designs infiltrate pop culture, I realize your genius. I anxiously awaited for the live stream of your Fall 2012 show to start and didn't mind having to watch snobby hipsters and celebs that think they're cutting edge because they can attend your show take front and center seats at Milk Studios. But it was all forgotten when your first model took the runway and I knew what I had long desired for was about to unfold.

I am SICK of the revival of grunge. At first it was cool, but now is annoying. Brooklyn Hipster fashion needs to be shot and while I'll always be a fan of thrift and vintage store shopping, wearing head-to-toe thrift finds is messy and boring.

The other week, I heard Spice Girls are probably coming back around again. I've also been calculating when the Clueless look would be up to bat as it suceeded the drab and blandness of the grunge period. While the love of color and fun wasn't offically killed, I feel you've brought it back to life with your newest collection. Two piece otufits, 70's large bellbottoms in knits, pastel metallics, Lisa Frank memories - you sent a model with a unicorn proudly displayed on her dress - and my memories of being a young tween with my AOL started CD and finally getting to go online for a few minutes before the connection timed out all live here.

Love, Unicorns and Fluffy Kittens Always,

P.S. - I hope you don't mind, but I am obsessed with the rainbow t-shirt-ish dress and since I am poor, will be making my own if I can find the material.

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