Thursday, March 4, 2010

Johnny Depp...You Wear it Well

I think my interest in designing men's clothing is rooted in my desire to see men dressed in period pieces of the Victorian time through the 50s. So, I feel I'm not really designing pieces that are fashion forward, but more so costumes.

This may also be another reason why I like the goth and rockabilly sub-cultures too, because many pieces of clothing that find themselves in the wardrobes of these groups resemble some styles of these times.

Here's another funny thing - I hate the hipster trend with a passion, but thanks in part to it, men and even younger dudes have been adopting a new way of dressing. Slacks, button down shirt and a vest...I'm in love. Though instead of new and crisp, they take from thrift shops or granddad's closet.

Beggars can't be choosers.

So I'm sitting here, watching Sleepy Hollow, and loving it - Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are the PERFECT team EVER.

Let's also not forget the most important person in creating this look I dream about, who I'm sure gets overlooked and that I only became aware of her immense talent and desire to have even half of her talent (and maybe a career as she does too). She is Colleen Atwood, costume designer.

So let's begin! I'm on Sleepy Hollow now...

You forget sometimes how attractive Johnny is (damn you Vanessa Paradis! haha) when we're so use to him being in total character or doing press with facial hair and glasses and a hat. But yea, he's gorgeous.

His outfit really showed how slim he was and played up the feminine side a bit as per the character. Always love an ascot and a little frilly at the cuffs. And Christina Ricci is awesome.

I guess you can move over to From Hell...time of Jack the Ripper. Nice suit and jacket, nothing too detailed, but nice. There's a picture of him and Marilyn Manson from the premiere, which is funny to see the two together.

Sweeney Todd is just poetry with the costume design. I love the jackets and details - almost his everday wear was that of a butcher's. The vest over slightly puffy shirt and then tailored slacks. I also loved the beach attire.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory doesn't really have a time period, right I think it was a fantasy time?, but is like Sweeney Todd in its pieces. Funny how the weighty fabrics makes him less of a chocolate maker and more a statue.

I haven't seen Public Enemies yet (I know! I'm bad), but we get into that ganster/mob look in the 20's/30's. Still put together, but modernism sneaking in.

Ending on my favorite movie (mainly b/c his girlfriend in it has my name) is Cry Baby. 50's greaser. Love.

Funny too, because Rebel Without A Cause was on last night and watching that was heaven with James Dean's iconic look.

and holy cow! Johnny Depp heaven...

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