Thursday, May 20, 2010

90's Alternative

OMG! What is this? I am on the evils of evil iTunes and in the radio option of the program.

I got sick of the industrial/techno stations and the punk rock station is talk right now, so I click on 90's Alternative or another.

Like all in a row, I've had Blink's "Dammit," Arrested Development's "Mr. Wendel," Everclear and now Beck's "Loser." I mean, add in a few more, b/c it's been an hour since I started with this.

This makes me happy! However, I just went to the website and there's an image of Kesha - wtf? I guess they cater to other listeners with other streams available, but this one is stellar.

I hadn't been a rock fan during the mid-90's, which is what I'm getting right now, I was more into hip-hop and boybands. But as I've been learning my rock music of late, I know all these songs.

So. Now I wish I was back in the 90's - same age, same music taste, same look, only experiencing these songs as they first came out and live. dude.

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