Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interview woes...

I'm a music journalist too! If I can't be sewing and dressing people, I would pursue a writing career, though magazines are sadly becoming obsolete...

Anyhoo, I had an early interview this morning and the singer I spoke with was really awesome and I felt like I was talking to a friend - maybe b/c he's one of the scene queens and I've been following his online adventures for awhile.

But here's advice for all you upcoming journalists - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FRESH BATTERIES!

My batteries died after the first three, bullshit questions. So, also make sure YOU TAKE NOTES. B/c if the recorder dies, you'll still have quotes.

I'm now looking at a bunch of random quotes and notes with only exact answers from three questions pretaining to the current tour. I'm nervous as to how this'll turn out.

Oh! My 30 Seconds to Mars show review got posted with the only really sweet image of the evening that came out: Show Review

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