Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homeless for the Holidays with The Bouncing Souls

Holy cow, you don't need to know a damn song by The Bouncing Souls to enjoy a show of theirs. Not that you shouldn't know their catalog, but I'm just saying.

My friend and I went to the first date of their holidays shows b/c of the openers. The Casualties were going to be there. But....as we got closer to the door, there was a sign saying they would not be playing. Turns out one of them is in the hospital - how horrible! Such a bummer, but everyone's thoughts are with them.

So, we arrived just as LES Stitches were starting their set. Really good. They just have that traditional punk rock n' roll sound and are definately worth checking out for a good time if they're playing your area.

Spansih Bombs filled The Casualties' spot and I guess it was a good choice if you wanted a harder sound. They set felt so short compared to LES Stitches and I think it was a good 15 mins shorter. Most of the crowd was lost on them and I couldn't get into them either.

But it wasn't long before The Souls took the stage, all adorned in their red snowflake sweaters that they're wearing in their myspace default picture. They started with "Here We Go," one of the five songs that I know.

Already we were in business. Everyone around me were having a blast, singing along and dancing whether in the pit or with each other.

They played "Lean on Sheena" towards the end and I couldn't be happier. Call me a dork, but I have my stereotypical favorites.

It was a fun night and I'm sure many of those there were coming back for the remaining two days - the last having Gaslight Anthem open for them.

It was also kind of weird. Asbury Park is undergoing renovation and it's retarded. There's shops opening and things are getting cleaned up and while many would say - isn't that a good thing? - it takes away from everything down there.

Inside the Convention Hall, where they played, they opened these small stupid gift shops and a concession stand and pub. Just last year it was gritty and falling apart and awesome. But it added to the Christmas cheesiness of it all, with the huge tree off to the side.

Next year - 20 years of being together for The Bouncing Souls and they're releasing a new track every month to celebrate. They played new of them at the show and trust me, it'll be like Christmas every month.

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