Monday, December 29, 2008

Senses love returns

Did I ever mention I went to the Senses Fail show at Starland Ballroom back in November?

No? Well...It was amazing.

First off, Foxy Shazam is friggin' insane! I was torn whether or not to consider their show smart and genius or just plain retardness. The lead singer was crazy and I love it. He was all over the place, talking non-sense to a crowd that half of 'em loved him, but the other booed and hated him.

He began singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and it was boring, but funny. Some of the crowd standing by me wanted them gone - but they were the same dumbasses who would late 'mosh' to Sky Eats Airplane.

Anyways, later on, the singer threw the microphone over one of the beams above and proceeded to climb up the cord to the ceiling, swing around and then fall back to the stage. Quite impressive. The keyboardist also wanted attention by standing on his keyboard. They are fun.

Sky Eats Airplane is a Chiodos/screamo hardcore outfit that I wasn't too impressed with. Of course, the lead singer on stage looked hot, but that's about it. I had more fun watching the ceiling fans in the stage lighting that this band had set up.

I was so stoked to see Dance Gavin Dance, but they failed to really give me my fill. I'm most familiar with their older album, but since they have a new singer...nothing from that album, just new stuff. Which isn't a problem, but they fell a little flat.

The last song morphed into a jam, progressive kind of thing and was really nice.

Ok, so I had complained about Senses Fail's new album, mainly b/c it felt like the heart was missing. I remember reading in a blog by their old bassist, who left before this record, something along the lines that he doesn't want to pretend he wants to make music like some others.

So I kind of felt like he was right.

Wrong! My goodness, their lead singer was totally on the ball this show. He didn't seem completely intoxicated (like last time I saw them) and his vocals were so on point and the energy was flowing like crazy. He divided his time during the set between jumping into the crowd and rolling out the stage like a madman.

The music just radiated through me. Maybe with now the talent of Jason Black (originally of Hot Water Music) they can really get into that full-bodied, ambient thing or maybe it's all just clicking.

I loved the fact that they played every hit, not sticking solely to the new record and I was completely satisfied with this set.

They're headed out on the Saints and Sinners Tour in '09 (yea, there's no Saints and Sinners Fest, but that's okay b/c if you saw what they did to the inside of the Convention Hall in Asbury, you wouldn't want it there either).

With them is like hardcore screamo cats and Hollywood Undead. If I get in free, you know I'm going.

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