Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brief rant

I have so much to update on here, but I'm between a million projects for two shoots and then a show at the end of january. I'm swamped and relaly need an assistant.

My rant -

It's about other artists in the industry, not other designers. Like, it feels like hair stylists, make up people and models are so boring!

People who make a bang in the scene as of late are doing one trick that's either unique, hasn't been seen in awhile or is over the top. BUT...that's all they do.

One hair do, one face, one pose...people don't call yourselves artists when all you do is one thing.

Now I said this doesn't apply to designers b/c designers are to make items and sell them - how could you possibly make a different design and never repeat. When you find a style/cut, keep making it - obviously there'll be more one.

And as other artists, of course you can't keep making every single job you have completely different, but when you've done several several jobs and they all look the same except for the clothes and setting, well then, enough!

I think this only makes sense in my mind and right now I'm freezing and don't want to bitch about people directly. But if i named names, then it would make more sense.

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