Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hanson Show Review

Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ

We went all out for the Hanson show! This was my first time seeing them live and I will confess, I got to interview the eldest early in October and my concert buddies had listened in and so it made the evening extra giggle-ly.

We started by joining them on this show's walk at Montclair State. They hold mile walks before their shows to ultimately walk the same distance as it would around the world. They donate a dollar for each walker towards AIDS help in Africa. Gotta love these guys.

It was a fun walk, with each of the brothers walking with the fans and they took a stop halfway to explain again what they are doing and how we can help those who are faced with this disease that can be alleviated by small donations from us.

Once we returned to the start, they brought out the guitar, tamborine and shaker and did an aucoustic performance of "Great Divide." They sounded so great and I was even more excited for later that evening.

There was an opener - Dave Barnes. His drummer was cute. His music was good, but something I rather hear at a bar hanging with friends or out to diner at a nice bbq joint or whatever.

They were running a bit behind schedule, but we were distracted by all the stagehands, techs and all the people that make it happen, running around stage. We were also trying to see if any one of them resmebled the Hanson family b/c suppossedly they go on the road with them.

I can't go blow by blow with this show, b/c as someone who doesn't know any songs besides the new "Great Divide" and the classic "Mmm...Bop," everything meshed together. They bounced back and forth between older tunes and the new stuff - I was however, able to pick out the new tunes from the EP that accompanies their new book.

All in all, a great show! Sorry can't say more, I've waited too long to post this, so let's just get it out there!

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