Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ab Fab!

Towards the end of the summer I had been asked by mua Brittany Diaz to be on set for a shoot with British photographer, Jon Russell Green.

We had done two days of shooting - the first was kind of crazy, but these really fun laundromat explosion images came from it. Our model for this set was Lauren, who is absolutely gorgeous!

The second day, we shot at a bubble tea shop called Something Sweet and I overdosed on bubble tea and cupcakes. Our models on day two were Heather Ann and BlackLite Bonnie. So great working with these girls.

The models looked so sweet and cute in the shop and then we edged them out for outside shots. What's awesome is the flag mural we shot against was seen in one episode of VH1's Big Ang when they took aeial shots of Staten Island. We kept joking how they should channel the ladies of 'Ab Fab.'

Here's some of the photos from this shoot and I have more on the website. All clothing is Sibyl Vain. Yay!

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Nikki Apostolou said...

These outfits are just fantastic!