Monday, March 8, 2010

Jeans Jeans Jeans...

Isles & Glaciers EP tomorrow!!! I mean, already have listened to it, but I need to own it as well.

Anne Demuelemeester & Gareth Pugh...MY LORD! They took my breath away with their Fall/Winter 2010 collections. I will be posting some pictures later.

Went shopping today and while I'm the punk rock/goth chick picking up Dereon, Rocawear and Pepe Jeans, I finally figured out why the 'hip hop' jean lines are the ones that fit me the best.

They are usually cut with a wider waistband and hip while also keeping the leg width smaller. Other brands keep the leg width and waist proportionate, so when I need the 30/31 waist, the leg is huge. Not with these brands - Pepe Jeans is my favorite.

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