Thursday, March 5, 2009


Reflecting upon the saints and sinners tour i went to last night...

Girls at shows piss me off. I'm not a hardcore chick who fears the pit, i'm not the emo girl who stands in one place with her boyfriend behind her the whole night, i'm not the hot topic chubby girl who stands up front just to take pictures, but I am a fan and someone who appreciates the music.

even when i go to a show that i'm not a fan of the bands, i stand in the back, not trying to get in anyone's way and not be disruptive.

however, girls that go to shows b/c on some level they want to screw a band member or b/c they think it's cool to listen to this music can suck it.

last night there were jersey trash kind of girls, drunk drunk drunk...on the floor and in the bar and just ick. they were dancing and bumping into everyone around them - we're not talking moshing. whatever, the guys nearby were either drunk or knew them.

but still, i expected that shit from hollywood undead fans, not senses fail fans. girls like that bother me b/c they are surface fans - they can groove with the music and think it's cool they like a band on the "hardcore" tip, but don't get it.

all the chicks for hollywood undead were jailbait and just screamed b/c it's cool to like guys who degraded women in their lyrics and repeatedly ask 'who wants to get down?' with them.

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Anonymous said...

yes, i totally agree with everything you say. I went to see Less Than Jake and their were these chicks standing behind me and my friends talking shit about me and the other girl with us. We were up front because I wanted to see my fave band at the front and they kept trying to shove in front of us. They kept telling my guy friend that they were way more 'do-able' and that they are older than us. Okay, who the fuck cares, lol? And these girls were seriously like 16 and I was 22 at the time. Oh well, some girls just don't get's about the music, not the scene.