Monday, March 23, 2009

Icky Dreams...

I had been joking with my sister that I want to try out for the next Rock of Love (you so know they're going to have another). I figured I can definately get on that damned show b/c I'm the 'good sweet girl' and I so want to be all like 'don't kiss me! you icky old man!'


So I caught a bit of an episode last night along with Tough Love (a new guilty pleasure), but it was like 5 minutes.

I had a dream that I was on the show and I hadn't let him try anything the whole season and I got pretty far. But then he had me in the bottom two and it wasn't clear, but I sort of was thrown out.

Then as I'm walking away through like a venue type place, I realize I loved him - ick! I go back, state my case and play kissy-face huggy-bear and I'm back in the game.

Why couldn't it have been David Lee Roth or Sebastian Bach. haha

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