Monday, March 16, 2009

Alesana - Show Review

March 6th, Blender Theater
New York, NY

Move over Chiodos (I'll get back to you over Warped), but for now, my new guilty obsession is Alesana.

They're on an insanely long tour and I want another fix after seeing them at the Blender Theater. Especially since their set seemed to have been cut short b/c the venue people didn't think enough to start earlier in order to accomodate five bands.

We started with I Set My Friends on Fire, which it turns out there's really only two of them - but a drummer travels along for the tour. I sort of developed a headache, but was enjoying myself surprisingly. The singer's ranting and screaming was drving me mad...but there was something catchy about it.

They had a bunch of technical problems and the audience were quite mean to them, but they continued on - good for them!

Fear Before (the march of flames) took the stage and had four fake trees along with them. They've difinately become way more quirky and 'interesting' than last I saw them 4 years ago.

The music has become something involving more ambient/progressive elements and it was quite a treat to listen to. Also to weird you out, was someone dressed as a gorilla/ape walking around the stage. Something else impressive - their singer manged to get almost half the mic in his mouth.

Vocally, I wasn't impressed. But the whole package is pretty entertaining and it's a shame they don't tour around here more often.

I hate to be mean, but Drop Dead Gorgeous was horrible. It's just the same blah blah hardcore screaming and heavy guitars that's just - shut up and bring on the other bands. The crowd really liked them, but it gave me time to nap and clear out my text message inbox.

Alesana is just that band that you're afraid to admit you like, but you have every album on your ipod and totally can sing every word to when the girly sounding one (and girly looking one) sings.

They all herded up on stage and began to play. Lead singer/screaming ranted and raved all over the stage and then their girly singer started doing the most amazing moves. He stops playing, grabs the mic with one hand, then with the other - does the emo Mariah Carey hand flutters. Oh! I LOVES IT!

Their set raced by and everything sounded great. The music is insanely catchy, though on the hard side at times. I love "Seduction" and freaked out along with the rest of the crowd when "Congratulations, I Hate You" started.

They came back for the encore, but then I'm pretty sure they were ushered off stage and apologized (haha, encore was "Apology") for having to go and then the lights went on. Sucked.

But an enjoyable show overall - loved it

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