Saturday, November 1, 2008

Creepshow Photoshoot

Photoshoot: Creepshow Photography
10.26.2008 - Philly area

Not only was this the first time shooting with Julie of Creepshow Photography, but it was also my FIRST photoshoot. It came out so amazing!

We met up at the Theater of the Living Arts and began our gameplan. Fun note - the sign at the TLA had 'Creepshow' on it, so it was like it was all meant to be.

Luckily, we got to use the one car as a changing room instead of probably having to sneak in and out of the bathrooms at Starbucks or like Johnny Rockets. Surprisingly, I don't think anyone really took notice.

There were six looks, that were broken into pairs and worked so well together. I didn't even plan it that way, so I was shocked. The models rocked all the looks - Crash & Caitlyn.

We strolled around, but I kind of already knew where I wanted to go. We choose the mirror muraled walls scattered around on the back streets, then a dingy alley with graffit and a dumpster and various other surroundings.

What turned out to be nice photos were this corner of half mirror mural corner and then a plain back alley, then we found 50s avacado colored chairs outside a thrift store to use and we took a real quick shot outside a tattoo parlor.

It was interesting with people stopping and staring, a few older rocker types kind of poked fun at the clothes as we walked by, but one of the best parts of the afternoon - there's a new vintage/thrift store that opened right next to where the Funhouse use to be!

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