Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tour I am PISSED I have to miss

WHY are the two tours the AKAs are partaking on not coming to the tri-state area?

I'm insanely mad and the closest date on either of them is in Pittsburg - that's 6 hours from me.

I'm so ready to drive to Ohio or Canada to see the first tour -

Foxy Shazam and Dr Manhattan....First off, Foxy Shazam was AMAZING when we saw them last with Senses Fail. As for Dr Manhattan, I've heard good things about their live show and they were really cool dudes when (funny enough) chatting with them backstage at Warped waiting to interview Mike Ski (singer for The AKAs).

THEN and this is what eats at my soul -

They go on tour with Dillinger Four and THE BOUNCING SOULS!


Just a rant. So screw you all who get to go see them on any of these stops.

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